5 Reasons Everyone Loves Reed Diffusers


A Reed Diffuser is an innovative but sometimes overlooked, scent marketing product that helps to create a relaxing environment that smells great. It features a unique design that allows for a constant flow of fresh air throughout any room. There are many benefits of a reed diffuser that make them stand out next to their fragrance dispersing competitors such as candles, room sprays or scent machines.


  1. They don't have a flame, heat or smoke.

A reed diffuser functions by placing reeds in a vessel containing fragrance oil. The reeds act as sponges, soaking up the fragrance and releasing it into the air. Without a flame or heat or smoke, they are safe and compatible in any space.


  1. They don’t burn out like a candle.

Reed diffusers don’t have to be turned on or off, and they don’t burn out like a candle. They are virtually maintenance free, as they only require the reeds to be turned maybe once a week and can last months until the fragrance oil needs to be refilled.


  1. They are environmentally friendly.

Not only are reed diffusers safe for the environment but they can also be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Many fragrance oils have aromatherapy qualities that can improve anything from your breathing to your mood.


  1. They can work in any room

Since a reed diffuser doesn’t require a power source, is flameless, silent, and looks beautiful, it can work in any space. Whether you are looking to scent an office, bathroom, lobby, or you’re using reed diffusers to build your brand, everyone will love them.


  1. They look like a work of art.

Reed diffusers are unique and beautiful works of art. There are so many vessels you can choose from, that a reed diffuser is very customizable and the options are endless. They stand out in any space and create a sense of elegance.


Whether you are looking to use a scent marketing product to elevate your place of business or for a private label product to build your brand, reed diffusers are a great choice.