Our Story

Our Founder

Founder Wendy Millsap started making candles in her kitchen while seeking a new medium for creative energy. Her degree in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin and her background in music management, has taught her the value of branding and promotion.  However, she never imagined making custom labeled candles for family and friends would turn into her next passion.

In 2008, Lakewood Candle Company was created when Wendy started knocking on the doors of local boutiques with her wares in tow. That same year, she approached historic home tours in East Dallas about selling branded candles at their events and donating proceeds back to the neighborhood. From that, she developed a love for scent marketing.  The focus shifted from being a brand to being a brand ambassador. 

The candle company has grown to include more scent offerings including room spray, perfume and nebulizing scent machines with AUTO-AROMA refill services. The expansion of services triggered a rebranding of the company in 2022 to the Scent Marketing Studio.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about making the best candles and sprays possible!

Supporting local communities and the national economy is the core of our foundation; all of our products are made in the USA and we source as many raw materials from USA manufacturers as possible. Our private label candles are shipped to boutiques and major retail chains in the United States and beyond. We are proud to partner with retailer, entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits to help build brands one scent at at time. Our passion for packaging and fragrance has no limits.

Our Mission

We make it our mission to assist our client in developing a scent presentation that fully represents the values of their brand, budget and scent marketing goals. Presentation is a full circle; from shipping box to retail store to home décor to room filling aroma and even burn - we cover all the details.