Exploring the Upcoming Fragrance Trends of 2023

fragrance trends 2023

If you're wondering what scents will be trending in 2023, look no further. We've got the scoop on upcoming fragrance trends so you can stay ahead of the curve and discover the perfect scent for your brand. 

Back to Nature Scents

back to nature scents

In 2023 and beyond, expect to see aroma trends leaning heavily towards natural and subtle scents. According to experts, with growing emphasis on sustainability, more people are looking for not only natural scents but also ingredients. Notes of citrus, floral, woody, oceanic, and herbal will be popular choices. Fragrances that contain natural oils like jasmine, orange blossom and lavender will also remain in demand. Botanical fragrances featuring natural raw materials such as bergamot, sandalwood and patchouli remain an indispensable part of the market.


Bold Fragrances

bold scents

Customers will continue to seek newness from companies in the form of innovative formulations that bring something unique. So, for those looking for something on the more exotic side of things, there may be a few surprises; expect to see increasingly bolder aromas associated with leathers, musks and even Incense taking center stage come 2023.


Genderless Fragrances

genderless scents

Fragrance experts have been experimenting with this idea for years and it really appears to be winning people over. Some fragrance houses now offer unisex scents with notes of smoky leather, warm vanilla, dark citrus and earthy vetiver. Blends of frankincense, cedar wood, oud and ambergris further add to the trend's potential. In addition to these scents being used as standalone fragrances, they are also becoming popular centerpieces for complex accords—something we can expect to see more of in 2023.


Layering Scents

blending scents

Fragrance blending is another trend that we envisage taking off in the next year, allowing customers more freedom to customize their own signature scents. Every brand strives for uniqueness and exclusivity and layering fragrances can accomplish this when done right. If you want to really stand out in 2023, fragrance blending is the way to go!


Destination Fragrances

destination scents

2023 seems to be all about adventure and this fragrance trend is certainly holding up well for the new year. Destination fragrances allow one to explore the world without leaving your home! From far-flung lands to urban cities, you can unlock the mystery and wonders of cultures through scents.