Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Let Scent Marketing Studio create, label, pack and ship your brand focused ecommerce scent marketing products. From private label candles to reed diffusers, and scent machines, your customers will be thrilled and you will have more time to focus on other areas of your business. Looking for wholesale fulfillment options? Click Here

requires pre-paid backstock inventory
storage fee = $25/month/pallet.  one pallet minimum

Shipping Fees:
billed to client account
ShipStation accounts preferred, others require approval

Backstock Requirements:
Backstock Requirements: All fulfillment programs require a minimum raw material and finished good backstock. This ensures we can ship and produce in real time for quick turn deliveries. Each client program will have unique minimum quantity requirements based on their volume of business. We access, monitor and updated in partnership with each client.

Premium Presentation
Brand Focused and Gift Ready

Presentation Box: $1.50 each

Pick and Pack:
picking, label printing, and box setup
qty 1-3: $3.00 each
qty 4-6: $2.80 each
qty 6+: $2.65 each

Promotional Insert: $0.25 each

Premium Presentation available
for the following profiles:
Collett 13.5 oz, Junius 12 oz (w/ cork lid),
Fitzhugh 13 oz, Worth 14 oz,
Worth 11oz, Victor 9 oz 

Standard Packing

First Item: $3.00
includes picking, label printing, and box setup

Additional Items: $0.55 each

Promotional Inserts: $0.25 each

Packing Material: quoted by setup